In addition to conducting ongoing independent research trials, Du Roi Laboratory supports the formal research effort of the Banana Growers Association of South Africa as well as maintaining close ties with the Agricultural Research Council's Institute for Tropical and Sub-tropical Crops and the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute of the University of Pretoria.

Very close ties with international banana breeders, research organizations and other tissue culture laboratories are maintained. Technical bulletins on aspects of commercial banana growing are produced regularly by Du Roi Laboratory for distribution to clients.

Du Roi

Du Roi Nursery
Du Roi Nursery provides quality certified citrus, guava and mango trees. Expert advice is provided on all aspects of pre- and post-planting.

Du Roi IPM
Du Roi Integrated Pest Management (Pty) Ltd is the largest commercial, agricultural insectary in South Africa. We breed and sell beneficial insects for the biological control of various scale and mealybug pests on a number of crops, currently focussing on the Citrus and Grape industries.