Banana Plants

Tissue culture is the rapid multiplication of plant selections and offers the benefit of converting or expanding plantations quickly and efficiently with superior selections of disease free plants.

All our banana plants are sourced from our foundation block that was established and evaluated with the help of world renowned Banana specialist, Dr. John Robinson.

All plants are recorded by number for complete traceability from foundation block to grower.

All the laboratory varieties are selected for their vigorous growth, high commercial yield potential, plant stability and uniformity.

Each meristem is virus­ indexed for all known Banana viruses before multiplication. Our reputation for true ­to ­type, high quality plants with low off­-type percentages is maintained through selection and meticulous tissue­ culture techniques.

ISO 9001 accreditation:

Du Roi laboratory was granted an ISO 9001 accreditation in February 2011, becoming the first Banana production tissue culture laboratory in Africa to receive this accreditation by complying with international standards for quality management.