Our Varieties

Du Roi Laboratory produce Cavendish, sub-group of the Musa AAA genome, dessert banana plants of the following varieties:


  • Williams was imported from Australia, and released in South Africa mainly to eliminate the problem of choke throat in cold winters
  • Typical bunch characteristics are:
    • Cylindrical bunch shape
    • No compaction of hands
    • Longer straight fingers
    • Higher pack out of extra-large fruit from each bunch
  • Williams has a distinct advantage in that it is more resilient than its main rival, Grand Nain, and performs better than Grand Nain when soil and/or climatic conditions are sub-optimal or extreme

Grand Nain

  • In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, the Cavendish cultivar Grand Nain was imported to South Africa from Central America
  • Cycle time and plant height of Grand Nain is shorter than Williams
  • Typical bunch characteristics are:
    • Bunches are slightly heavier
    • Fingers are a good size and slightly curved
  • Grand Nain is generally regarded as the most widely-grown Cavendish dessert cultivar in both tropical and subtropical localities

Du Roi Laboratory have their own elite single clone varieties, selected and evaluated by Dr John Robinson.


  • Du Roi has worked for 7 years improving the production characteristics of Williams and Asdia is a horticulturally-superior selection of this cultivar, obtainable exclusively from Du Roi laboratory
  • Advantages of Asdia over Williams:
    • 10% shorter plant
    • Bunch sizes easier to manage
    • Bunch conformation and finger length conserved
    • Cycle time 1-2 months shorter
  • Ideal selection for high yield/annum, good fruit quality and ease of management, in both sub-tropical and tropical environments


  • Nandi is a single clone, elite Du Roi selection of Grand Nain
  • Advantages of Nandi over Grand Nain:
    • 5% shorter plant
    • Higher yielding bunches
    • Cycle time up to 1 month shorter
  • An ideal selection for maximum yields and quality where soil and management conditions are optimal

Grand Negra

  • Grand Negra is a single clone, elite Du Roi selection
  • Characteristics of Grand Negra:
    • Tall, vigorous selection
    • Big bunches with long peduncles making bunch more accessible
    • A longer cycling selection
    • Very stable in the soil under windy conditions
  • A good selection for maximum yields and quality where soil and management conditions are optimal


  • Chico is a Du Roi improved, high-yielding clone of Chinese Cavendish
  • Characteristics of Chico are:
    • Cylindrical bunch shape
    • Shorter plant than Grand Nain, but with similar productivity
    • Short cycling selection boosting the annual yield potential
  • Should be planted under optimal conditions of climate, soil and management


  • Delta is a Du Roi selected clone of Dwarf Cavendish
  • Characteristics of Delta are:
    • Cylindrical bunch shape
    • Taller and higher yielding than standard Dwarf Cavendish
    • More tolerant to choke-throat than standard Dwarf Cavendish
    • Sturdy thick pseudostem may not require propping
    • Short cycling selection
    • Easily managed and more tolerant to windy conditions
    • Suitable selection for centre pivot irrigation systems