Technical Field Support

For Banana Plantations you can contact:

Dr John Robinson - world renowned Banana Specialist

  • Available on a consultation basis to visit customer plantations
  • Available for trouble shooting and advise via email
  • Can assist with fertilizer, water and in-field management recommendations from soil, leaf and climate reports

For Banana and Sugarcane plantations and fields you can contact:

Alan Davson - Marketing Manager and Consultant

  • Experienced in many fields of Agriculture
  • Available to visit customer plantations/fields or via email, to trouble shoot and offer advice on all aspects of plantation management

For Sugarcane Estates you can contact:

Du Roi Laboratory works closely with the South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI)

  • Available to trouble shoot and advise on all aspects of field management

Please visit the SASA website for all information on varieties and field management